Sunday, February 17, 2013

5 Years Ago Today

I know this late but didn't get it done yesterday...too busy!   Shawn and I are celebrating our 5th anniversary!  So, I thought I'd tell a picture story of the beginning of our lives together.  Enjoy!

*Note:  I give all credit for these pics to Jenny Shain - a wonderful friend who offered to be our photographer...the best wedding gift we could have gotten!  Thanks Jenny - you're the BEST!

Warning:  This is kinda long - I was having fun looking at all the pics!  lol

                           We got some practice for the wedding day by taking pics at our rehearsal.

                             Fun times with good friends...Brooke wins the prize for having the
                           greatest reaction to our engagement.  Brooke, I'll never forget that!  lol

                                                             Practice, practice, practice!

                             Shawn and his guys - Jenny said getting pictures of these guys was
                                           like trying to herd cats.  I believe it!  They're crazy!

                Last night for Aunt Melissa to be "all his" - so he made the most of it, and so did this guy!

A new whistle for the best pastor ever!

                                                                  Just being happy!

                                                                   Time to go home!

                                                       Our beautiful flower girl - Trinity

                                                     Mom's hair looked SO good!

                                                     Me and my Mom - both looking kinda tired!

                                                    We all know why Shawn needs a bib!  lol
                                                                   Very impressive!

                                               This is why their pics took so long!

                                                         Happy parents, happy son!

                                                Getting ready and being silly!

                                                               My two lovely Grandmas!

                                                                          Happy again!

                   Had to hunt down the lint roller to figure out the hair problem on the dresses - still a mystery!

                                             Praying before heading to the back of the church

                                                         There's no looking back! So happy!

                                                          Roses for my parents...

                                                                  Roses for his parents...

                                                              What a fun day!

                                                              Smiles all around!

                                                      And even some kisses!

                                                During ceremony - obviously not in order

                                                               We DID it!

                                                                  The new couple

                                                           A never-to-forget moment....
                                                             Fun with pictures!

                                                         Part of a new family...

                                      They promised they wouldn't drop me - and they didn't... and THEN...

                                                              It was VERY funny!

                                         Notice my lovely bridesmaids - *payback*  lol

                                                               Love this man!
                                                  Thank goodness for Mom...

                              The button holes for my bustle were sewn too small - my amazing mom fixed it!

                                                          Two VERY important guests!

                                                   Part of a new family...

                                                               The Boyce clan

                                       Announcing Mr. and Mrs. Willis - Wa-hoo!!


                                                      Our best man....kinda scary, Dave!

                                        Speech from my wonderful sister!

                                               Speech from our wonderful friend, Dave!

                             Notice the face:  "Don't you dare shove that in my face!"  lol

                                                    We got one bite - but it was GOOD!

                                       My lovely bridesmaids entertaining themselves at the reception!

                                                 Hilarious and kinda scary!  lol

                                                           I LOVE her!

                                                           Mom and Dad

                                          It's been a long day and we're sleepy...

                                                                      Dave and Linda

                                                                   First Dance - "Feels like Home"

                                          Father-Daughter Dance - "I Loved Her First"

                                                             Sweet moment...

                                                  Mother-Son Dance:  "What a Wonderful World"

                                                               Another special moment...

                                                    Yeah, we're that cool!  lol

                                           The beginning of a whole new relationship...and happy about it!  lol

                                                       Really guys????   haha

                                                          It was a COLD night!

                                                      And they lived happily ever after...