Tuesday, May 6, 2014

True Womanhood

"In the church today, there are growing numbers of childless women. Many of these are the women who smile and give a casual "I hope so," when you ask them if they're planning to get married (if they're single) or start a family soon (if they're married). They're the women who would love to have a ring on their finger and a man on their arm. They're the women who may be in the thick of fertility treatments or suffering the silent grief of miscarriage. They're the women who have long ago given up hope of ever carrying a child, much less seeing one graduate from college."  (quoted from article below)

I read an article posted on Facebook by a dear friend.  It is titled, "Every Woman a Mother".  As Shawn and I continue the struggle to become parents, it touched my heart.  And so, I'm posting this article for all hurting women.  Whether you're waiting for a husband or a child - this is for you.  True womanhood is not earned by becoming a wife or a mother.  True womanhood is earned by chasing after God.

"It is hard to be a "childless" woman in a world that sees womanhood reflected in motherhood. But mainly this is hard because our definitions are all wrong." (quoted from article below)

Did you hear that?  You don't have to be a mother or wife to be a true woman!  So all of you spouse-less or child-less women out there (myself included), be encouraged!  The definition of a true woman is one who chases after God, without abandon.

If you're hurting - read this.  It helped me and I hope it helps you!  Sending my love to all the hurting women!

Click on this link:
Every Woman a Mother

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