Saturday, February 8, 2014

Things I Learned in 2013

  1.  Avocados are the world's best food ...well, after blueberries and peanut butter.
  2. Things can always get worse.
  3. Healthy eating is actually MORE fun than eating the regular American diet.
  4. I'll never be too old to miss my mom and dad and I'll never be too old to get ridiculously excited when I know they're coming to visit.
  5. Everyone should have an Ebates account and make money for buying things.
  6. Someone has claimed my husband as her honey bunny and her sweetie pie...and that's okay!
  7. My husband is the greatest man I know (I didn't JUST learn that this year, though!)
  8. I am an aunt to a teenager - yikes!
  9. The plans that I have for myself very rarely match up with the plans that God has for me.
  10. My Fitness Pal website is one of my new best friends - we met in January 2013. *smile*
  11. The heart must be soft and pliable towards people, but it must also be tough-skinned to withstand the pains that come from lost friendships and rejection.
  12. Iowa has the coldest winters I've ever experienced but Illinois has the hottest, most humid, summers I've ever experienced.  I like them both.
  13. The Ackley ambulance service has a very impressive response time and Des Moines Children's Hospital is great!  Things to remember for the future...
  14. Unforgiveness will kill a person.  Forgiveness is an absolute necessity in the Christian life.  Learning to forgive those who have wronged you, especially those who haven't asked for it, is one of the hardest, yet most important things I've had to learn.
  15. My Grandma Boyce is the best visitor ever.  Being a very early riser, she gets up and does dishes, sweeps the floors, cleans the windows, whatever she can find to do until the rest of us wake up at the normal time.  She's awesome...for more reasons than just the cleaning!
  16. I still struggle with admitting that I'm wrong.  (Just ask Shawn.  *smile*)
  17. I love making homemade tortillas!
  18. The ravioli di portabello dinner at Olive Garden is delicious!  This was a huge discovery for the fettucine alfredo addict that I am! 
  19. Speaking of Olive Garden, I also found out how amazingly delicious their Chicken Gnocchi soup is!  Thanks, Susan!
  20. There aren't many things better than a hug from a close friend you've been missing.
  21. I vowed at the beginning of last year to learn how to make homemade bread and pie crusts...I never did.  Oops!
  22. I have finally figured out the very best places to stop when traveling from Iowa to Illinois.  I'm all about saving time when in the car for that long!  So when you (yes - YOU) come to visit, just check with me first!  haha
  23. I'm finally secure enough in myself to tell everyone in the world that I absolutely despise having to care for flower gardens and landscaping.  I love gardening, but I draw the line there! I know lots of women who just love it and find great relaxation this way but I would be thrilled to have a yard full of pretty rocks that required no work whatsoever.....really.
  24. I REALLY wish I had a smartphone to Facetime with my
  25. Playing the piano is one of the most soothing things for me.
  26. There are some days when eating a doughnut really will make you feel better.  haha
  27. Les Miserables is THE best musical ever.  I have no idea how I survived thus far in my life without it.
  28.  Salt and pepper grinders are my new favorite kitchen toys.
  29. The Trinity Hymnal version of "All for Jesus" is the BEST version - hands down.
  30. You're never too old to play at the City Museum playground in St. Louis, especially the wire cages suspended several feet above the ground!  *smile*
  31. I never get nervous when I play the piano at church...unless the organist is gone and I'm on my own.  On those Sundays, I make every mistake imaginable.
  32. I like doing the dishes.  Wierd, I know.
  33. I have an irrational fear of leaving the oven burners on and burning the house down in my sleep.  My sweet husband always goes downstairs for me (because I'm also a baby who doesn't like being downstairs in the dark alone...pathetic, I know) to make sure that they're off.  They ALWAYS are but he knows I won't be able to sleep until he checks.  One of the many reasons I love him...
  34. Concerning fire, I have an irrational fire that our propane tank or gas heater will blow up without warning.
  35. I hate burn piles guessed it....I'm afraid they'll spread and burn the house down.  I'm beginning to see a pattern here....when it comes to fires, I'm absolutely terrified.
  36. Some days it's just easier to wear your bulky snow boots to church than your nice heels...and those days are becoming more and more regular.
  37. Some events in life are seared into your memory, whether you want them to be or not.  Other events you beg your mind to remember, but they slowly fade away.  
  38. Never pass up a chance to tell your loved ones how precious they are because one day, you may wake up and find out it's too late.
  39. Landscaping and flower gardening, I despite - but snow shoveling is actually fun for me.
  40. Winter is still my favorite season, even after moving to Iowa.  Everyone kept telling me that I'd change my mind after moving but you just can't beat the crisp air or the beauty of snow.  I loved it in Illinois and I love it here too.
  41. It is really fun to read the same book as your sister, and talk about it over the phone everyday.
  42. Extended time away from Facebook is a good thing.
  43. I really don't like butternut squash, but spaghetti squash is awesome.
  44. D-Con = awesome.
  45. "Mama said there'd be days like this"....and there definitely were.
  46. No matter what happens in my life, there is nothing that can take away my joy because no one can take my Christ.  I have learned that all other things can be stripped away, but as long as one Thing remains - I'll be alright.
Well, there you go!  I just gave you a small glimpse into this strange head of mine.  I had a good time compiling this list over the last little while and I hope it brought a smile to your face and helped you laugh just a little bit! 

Obviously this comes very late, but Happy New Year to you all.  I'm excited to see what lies ahead in 2014.  Thanks for reading...


  1. I knew a junior high aged Melissa that would have real issues with #1. :P

  2. So true, Daniel! Jess still owes me money!!!!

  3. comments on a few of these:
    #4 - Mom and Dad get excited too!
    #7 - thought that was me ....... sigh. LOL
    #14 - how true
    #15 - gotta agree
    #25 - i never liked piano music until you and jess started playing, now i love it
    #32 - you need to seek help LOL
    #33 - you get that from your mom
    #46 - i agree whole heartedly

    Love you, Dad